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Click here to order GEISHA GEISHA
by Andi Watson
Paperback: 112 pages
Oni Press
ISBN: 0966712722
The story of everybody's favorite artistic android is gathered into one volume! Jomi is an android girl who wants to find her place in life. Though she has been adopted by a human family, most of society doesn't accept her as "real." This is particularly frustrating given the fact that Jomi wants to be an artist. How do you show people your soul if they don't believe you have one? Better yet, if no one buys your paintings, how do you pay the rent? Why, you become a bodyguard, of course!
Click here to order GEISHA
Andi Watson, creator of the beloved SKELETON KEY and writer of the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER comics, has crafted a futuristic soap opera filled with supermodels, rampaging moguls, stalkers, and giant-sized battle suits. The individual issues are perrenial reorder favorites. Stop getting them one at a time and go for the whole shebang.
by Barry Windsor-Smith
Hardcover: 56 pages
Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 1560973579
ADASTRA IN AFRICA is a major, previously unpublished graphic story by Barry Windsor-Smith, the renowned comics storyteller. It features Adastra, the most popular member of the YOUNG GODS serial from BWS' ground-breaking STORYTELLER series.
Created by Windsor-Smith as the third and final installment of the acclaimed LIFEDEATH issues of Marvel Comics' THE UNCANNY X-MEN, the poignant tale resided in BWS' files for over a decade after editors at Marvel declined to publish the story, which was not written and drawn under their supervision. BWS felt this work was too good to let languish, so he reconfigured it as an episode from the earlier life of Princess Adastra, who was exiled to earth by her mother, Queen Organa of Orgasma.

This volume is augmented by an amusing, irreverent interview with the irrepressible Lady Adastra, now back in New York after some time abroad, and features never-before-seen outtakes from the story.

The publisher, Fantagraphics
A major work by a legendary artist and writer.
Fantagraphics is proud to offer Barry Windsor-Smith's ADASTRA IN AFRICA, a stand-alone 56-page hardcover. Includes a complete, beautifully-rendered 39-page black and white graphic story featuring the most popular member of YOUNG GODS, from BWS' groundbreaking STORYTELLER series. The younger, exiled goddess returns to an African village, striving to bring salvation to the famine-stricken area. This compelling story of an outsider attempting to use her powers to help a defiantly proud people regain their vitality features some of the most beautifaul and graceful drawings of Windsor-Smith's career. The story is augmented by a fresh, amusing interview with Her Royal Highness, Princess Adastra, as well as background material about this beloved character. Not to be missed, and never to be released in a paperback edition.

Click here to order BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH: OPUS
Volume One
by Barry Windsor-Smith
Hardcover: 176 pages
Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 1560973676
Barry Windsor-Smith has been a pop culture icon since his fantastic and meticulous drawings brought Conan the Barbarian to life in the pages of Marvel Comics beginning in 1970. Over a thirty year period since, he has continued to forge new channels of personal expression in the storytelling arts.
With this first volume of BWS: OPUS, the acclaimed artist and writer of romantic, witty and heroic fantasies pulls hard on the rudder of Reality to turn back against the course of Time. But this is no "time-travel" caper, it is the real thing. Barry Windsor-Smith has a past; a history to tell of Extraordinary Experiences that are no less exciting or bizarre than any of his literary or painterly creations.

The true story of BWS, as a lone soul caught up in the transcendent phenomena of Cosmic Experience begins here, in his autobiography called OPUS.

Ashley Wood & Sam Kieth
by Ashley Wood & Sam Kieth
Paperback: 48 pages
Idea & Design Works
ISBN: 0971228221
From the Publisher
Ashley Wood was born in Australia in 1971. An award-winning artist and commercial illustrator, his art is published worldwide on a monthly basis and he has contributed to both joint and solo fine art exhibitions. A Spectrum award winner, he has also worked on numerous television and movie projects. His work was seen monthly in the pages of Todd McFarlane's Hellspawn and is also featured in Uno Fanta: The Art Of Ashley Wood.
Dimensions (in inches): 0.17 x 10.94 x 8.46
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