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Click HERE to order SANDMAN: A GAME OF YOU Click Here
for our entire
Click HERE to order Death: The Time of Your Life
by Steve Bissette, Kevin Maguire, Brandon McKinney,
& Arthur Adams
Cover by Hugo Award-winning artist Bob Eggleton.
Paperback: 272 pages
Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
ISBN: 1569712778
Go Go Godzilla!

This incredible book is a complete retelling of Godzilla's history. It has incredible animation and action scenes. Godzilla is impresively pertrayed. A must have!

From Dark Horse Comics:
Noriko Yoshiwara`s world changed that fateful day her father discovered the big rock. Little did she know that the discovery became Godzilla`s wake-up call and set the pace for her life`s work -- studying the King of the Monsters. Follow her lead and the scientist team called G-Force through Godzilla`s adventures as he battles Hero Zero, Charles Barkley, and more! 
Click HERE to order A, A'
A,A' [A, A Prime]
by Moto Hagio
Paperback: 208 pages
Viz Communications
ISBN: 1569312389
Science Fiction With a Romantic Twist.
A genetically engineered race of people called "Unicorns" have extreme difficulty feeling and coping with emotions, making their personal struggles a moving metaphor for humanity's alienation in the modern age.
A, A'  [A, A Prime] is one of the best visual novels on the market. If you're looking for a good romance, tired of bodice rippers, and enjoy storytelling done with well-drawn artwork and just enough narration -- this one's for you.
One of the best visual novels on the market. If you're looking for a good romance, tired of bodice rippers and enjoy storytelling done with well-drawn artwork and just enough narration -- this one's for you.
Done in three pieces, the common thread running through all three stories is the "artificial mutation" called the unicorn -- human beings whose outward appearance include a mane of red hair much like an inline mowhawk. Unicorns have a difficult time with emotions - and each of the three unicorn characters in this novel would have a difficult time even if they had normal emotional responses like the rest of us. Used, abused and misunderstood, they struggle and manage to find love wherever they go. In the process, we get a different view on life, love and priorities.
The artwork is simple, stylish and often funny without being cartoonish. You often smile just before a frame grabs you by the throat with it's intensity. Complex emotions are played out with only a portion of a face visible - little or no background art needed - but what is there is, is done well with no explanations needed.
Keep in mind this is an adult, PG-13 novel that involves sexuality and questions regarding gender identity. However, it is done in a fashion that could only annoy someone unwilling to deal with the topics in the first place. I'd give it to a high schooler with no reservations. But it is meaty, satisfying stuff for any age. Don't miss it.
By the creator of They Were Eleven. Story and art by Moto Hagio.
Click HERE to order The Black Pearl, created by Mark Hamill
by Mark Hamill, Eric Johnson, H.M. Baker,
Dan Schaeffer, & Bruce Patterson
Paperback: 120 pages
Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1569712743
Mark Hamill's THE BLACK PEARL was all over the news during the release of the Star Wars Special Edition trilogy, causing fans to hunt for the sold-out series. Now the entire story is available in one package, "remastered" to make it appropriate for all ages.
THE BLACK PEARL explores the differences between reporting the news... and creating it.
Some heroes are driven by justice. Others are driven by headlines. Luther is no hero. In fact, hed probably be called a stalker if he hadnt stumbled into that holdup. Now the newspapers, the television, they turned it into something else, turned him into someone else. Now hes The Black Pearl a real-life superhero and the media wont let him quit, even if it means Luther ends up dead. Written by Star Wars star Mark Hamill and screenwriter Eric Johnson, with art by H. M. Baker and Bruce Patterson.
Order BEARSKIN: A GRIMM TALE by Gareth E. Hinds
by Gareth E. Hinds
Paperback: 80 pages
ISBN: 1893131009
BEARSKIN is a graphic novel adaptation of a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale. It is the story of a discharged soldier who, homeless and destitute, agrees to a deal with the Devil. For seven years he must wear the pelt of a bear, and neither bathe, shave, cut his hair or nails, nor sleep in a bed. If he dies during the seven years, he will lose his soul, but if he survives he will be the wealthiest man in the world.
80 pp. b/w.
"If you've read and loved BEARSKIN as I have, believe me, you've only seen the tip of the Iceberg. Gareth Hinds is a talent to be reckoned with. Don't let him out of your sight for a minute."
--Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics
From the publisher,
This book is intended to build on the recent resurgence of interest in fairy tales as both timeless entertainment and deep wells of sociological and psychological information. Mass-media adaptations of these tales have invariably distorted their symbolic content to please current narrative tastes. The goal of the Bearskin project is to give the modern audience a faithful retelling of some of the old stories, with their original archetypal elements intact, as well as to flavor each story with a distinct visual interpretation.
Joseph Szadkowski, The Washington Times, 8/22/98
"Take it from a lover of the fairy tale and sequential art, ignore the psychological and sociological mumbo-jumbo and just enjoy the work for what it is-- a well-told story with great art."

Bearskin is the first book published by, a non-incorporated venture into the realm of independent comics and E-commerce. It is centered on a web page which features a free, serialized online comic book, Deus Ex Machina, as well as an online store for Bearskin-related merchandise. Bearskin was published with the help of a grant from the Xeric Foundation. This is an organization whose purpose is to give financial assistance to comic book self-publishers, on the basis of originality, literary and artistic merit, and commitment to the medium. Bearskin received the maximum Xeric Grant for spring 1998.

Praise for BEARSKIN:
(from learned dead people)

"Two Thumbs Up!"

--Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm
"A Mythic Journey with all the trappings."
--Joseph Campbell

"A real Oddyssey."

About the Author:
Gareth Hinds was born in 1971, went to the same High School as Frank Miller, and has a BFA in illustration from Parsons School of Design. Now he lives in the Boston area and does artwork for computer games. He is currently working on an adaptation of the classic hero saga Beowulf.
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