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The Picture Bible
Adapted by Iva Hoth
Illustrated by Andre Le Blanc
Hardcover: 800 pages
Chariot Victor Publishing
ISBN: 0781430550
"The Picture Bible" makes a good first Bible for young readers and contains the full-text plus 233 Bible stories in full-color comic format.
THE OLD TESTAMENT "...speaks to the child in his own language."
--Hadassah Magazine.
Volume One
The Old Testament
in Full-Color Comic-Strip Form
Edited by M. C. Gaines
Hardcover: 222 pages
Bloch Pub Co

ISBN: 0934386013
The fascinating Old Testament stories--from Adam and Eve to Jonah and the Whale--in the full-color comic-strip format that children love to read. Endorsed by clergy of all faiths. "It's not like homework. Kids love it ... and remember what they've read!"

Every page in full color!

 Originally published in 1943--now available again, on high-quality paper, in hardcover.

Praised by Hadassah Magazine, Laymen's National Bible Committee and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. 

"...a unique opportunity to educate and enchant at the same time."

--Dr. Daniel Thursz, Executive Vice President, B'nai B'rith International.

"Parents will do their children a real service by providing them with this book. The stories follow the text of Scripture very closely."

--David Kucharsky, Editor, Christian Herald.

"...a significant contribution to teaching the Scriptures to children of a new generation."

--Laymen's National Bible Committee, sponsors of National Bible Week
THE NEW TESTAMENT "...a superb teaching aid of Bible truths."
--Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.
Volume Two
The New Testament
in Full-Color Comic-Strip Form
Edited by M.C. Gaines
Scarf Press

ISBN: 0934386021
The story of Jesus and the early Christian Church in the full-color comic-strip format that children love. "Since comics are the language of children, why not let God speak to them in their own tongue?"

Every page in full color! 

Originally published in 1943 and now available again, in hardcover and on high-quality paper. Volume Two faithfully retells stories from the New Testament in cartoon format, and also provides references to cited passages and a map of the Holy Land during Christ's time.

Praised by Christian Life, Christian Herald, Laymen's National Bible Committee, Dr. William Ward Ayer, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

"...a magnificent introduction to the Bible."

--Father Timothy J. Curtin, S.J.

"...splendid and faithful."

--Dr. William Ward Ayer.
The Christian Comic Art Society
Stories taken directly from the Books of Proverbs and the Parables Jesus told in the Gospels as found in the King James Version of the Bible
Paperback: 144 pages
New Creation Publications
ISBN: 0966511808

subject to an additional charge of $1.99 per book  due to the extra cost of ordering
Order by mail is available through
    New Creation Publications
    P.O. Box 254, Temple City, CA   91780.

Or, you can e-mail CCAS marketing consultant
    George Macas, Jr. at

A Christian comic book anthology, Proverbs & Parables features short vignettes based around the proverbs of Solomon and the parables of Christ. Over sixty artists participated in this anthology, reflecting a very wide range of art styles and genres -- from "grim & gritty" to "funny animals". This book is a visual celebration of the words of the wise, and the wisdom of God's Word. 

The Christian Comic Art Society was founded by Don Ensign in 1984 as an outlet for comic-book professionals, amateurs and fans who share Christian beliefs. The group aims to address comic-book issues from a Christian perspective.

Illustrated by Bill Morrison, Kathleen Webb, Carlos Garzon, Gary Martin, Sergio Cariello, Jay Disbrow, Steve Firchow, Rabecca Baerman, Jesse Hamm, Ralph E. Miley, Christine Kerrick, Don Kelly, Tim Gagnon, Michael James, Randy Emberlin, Ronn Stern, Kevin Yong, Drew Pocza, Monte Wilson, Win Mumma , Hal Jones, Billy Leavell, Farel Dalrymple, Geoff Strout, Kenn Bivins, Devin Parker, Greg Dampier, Michael Bennett, Mark Ammerman, Dennis Jensen, Leo Bak, Roman Morales, G Eddy, & more
Edited by Don E. Ensign
M.A. Manley, The Comic Co-op Classifieds, December 1998
"Steve Firchow (More Than Mortal), Sergio Cariello (Catwoman/Wildcat), Gary Martin (Nexus) and Chris Yambar (Mr. Beat) are just a few of the truly impressive artists who contributed to this fantastic piece of inspirational material. Rather than reinterpret the text, the creators and organizers chose to use a loose visual interpretation. The end result was a very nice trade paperback with some of the wisest words ever printed and some of the most exciting, innovative and diverse artwork available anywhere." 

Tony Isabella's Journal #558, December 25, 1998
"I applaud this largely well-intentioned attempt to bring comics to a new audience. Comics can do so many things so well and I think expressing one's faith is one of those things." 

From the Back Cover
Over sixty artists have collaborated to produce this unprecedented collection of work. Professionals, aspiring professionals, and amateurs have illustrated proverbs, parables and other scriptures found in the Bible. The artwork depicts the narratives in unique and creative interpretations. This book presents traditional Bible stories in thought provoking, fun, and uplifting ways. Proverbs & Parables is a collection of Bible stories presented as you have never seen them. 

From contributor Don Kelly:
This is too cool!
Proverbs and Parables! It is sooo cool to see it listed here on Amazon. Many prayers and hard work went into this little tome..believe me. Just ask Ralph and the rest of the gang. I feel very blessed and priveledged to have been a part of this project, a very small part. To be included in with these talented people is like a dream come true. A big hand and a job well done to you all! Many Blessings! To the readers of our work: I hope you enjoy it. May it enlighten as well as entertain you.
Thanks for picking it up. Remember, read to your kids! They'll thank you for it and so will I. :) 

From the foreword by Al Hartley
Cartoons, creativity, and Christ! What a tremendous combination for communicating. Comics are a graphic medium and in an age of busy lives that allow little time for reading, pictures seem to get priority. TV demands attention and then mesmerizes. Comics present just as much action and because of their compact, streamlined format they truly entertain. Those of us who have been involved in creating Christian comics realize that the average reader wants to be entertained. They buy a comic for fun and excitement. And we provide that -- but it's only a book. We want the reader to pick up our books, be anxious to turn the page and to become totally involved in the story line. So, yes, our job is to entertain, but our goal is to offer something far more important than slapstick and suspense. Folks by the thousands are seeking all kinds of thrills and kicks to escape the reality of life. Our great motivation is to take a slice of life that the reader can identify with, and then show precisely how God wants to be involved in that life experience. In short, to illustrate in a very practical way the tremendous difference that having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can have, day in and day out in the very nitty-gritty of our lives. Jesus wants us to enjoy the wonder of life's adventure, and to enjoy it abundantly, positively, and fruitfully. All of us involved in Christian comics are thankful to God for the talent He gave us. It's a privilege to give it back to Him. He is our Creator. Through Him we draw and have our being.

Excerpted from the foreword to Proverbs & Parables
Copyright © 1999. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
The Ring of the Nibelung
Volume One
by P. Craig Russell
Paperback: 200 pages
Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1569716668
Dimensions (in inches): 0.43 x 10.24 x 6.68
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