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Click here to order 9-11: Emergency Relief Emergency Relief
by Jeff Mason (Editor), Will Eisner, Harvey Pekar, Ted Rall, Jeff Smith, James Kochalka, Josh Neufeld, Nick Bertozzi, Dean Haspiel, Joyce Brabner, Jessica Abel, Gregory Benton, & Tony Millionaire, et al
Paperback: 208 pages
Alternative Comics
ISBN: 1891867121
The terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington DC on September 11th touched people worldwide, and cartoonists have turned to art to express their grief. 9-11: Emergency Relief is a comic book project to benefit the American Red Cross featuring some of the comic world's leading talents. From legendary creators such as Will Eisner to hot new talents such as cover artist Frank Cho, cartoonists from all areas of the cartooning world have joined together in this community effort.
Scheduled for January 2002 release from Alternative Comics, 9-11: Emergency Relief is a collection of these cartoonists` personal non-fiction accounts of their experiences related to the tragedy. 'Cartoonists have been contacting each other regularly since the tragedy and have come up with this project,' said editor Jeff Mason, 'The cartoonists wanted to create a collection of thoughtful, introspective stories.'

From Booklist
The most compelling early books on September 11, 2001, are pictorial works (see "The Day the World Changed" [BKL F 1 02]) depicting the World Trade Center attack as history-in-the-making. This collection of "comics" reports how its contributors, many of them New Yorkers, reacted physically and emotionally. In Cleveland, all autobiographical comics writer Harvey Pekar could think was, "I bet it don't get any easier from here on." Evan Forsch was at work in Suite 8901, One World Trade Center that day; "Down and Out" shows how he got out. Brooklyner Jenny Gonzalez, who has had psychiatric problems, wound up wishing she had flipped out again and "that none of this were true." Michael Kupperman, creator of the terminally droll Snake 'n' Bacon's Cartoon Cabaret (2000), re-envisions Goya's Sleep of Reason. Others tell of reacting from afar, and some candidly disclose their poor reactions. The range of drawing styles runs from polished mainstream comic-book-like to rough "underground" individualist to painterly. The publisher says all its profits from this book will go to the American Red Cross.
Ray Olson

Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.
From Library Journal
Publisher and editor Mason has put together an impressive black-and-white anthology recording the responses of many members of the comics community to the crisis in New York City on September 11, 2001. Contributors include comics legends such as Will Eisner, whose one-page statement is heartbreaking, while others are relative newcomers such as Jessica Abel. Some stories record the actions/reactions of the cartoonists on that fateful day, while others are impressionistic. What shines through this collaborative effort is individual reaction to a collective sense of terror. Of particular interest is the piece "Down & Out," which takes place on the lower level of the World Trade Center. The comics industry has had a strong response to the events of September 11, with DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment also producing tribute books, perhaps because heroism is one of the focal points of American comics. 9-11 tellingly depicts an uncertain and hesitantly optimistic worldview. Highly recommended for public and academic libraries.
Stephen Weiner, Maynard P.L., MA
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
From School Library Journal
Adult/High School-More than 60 sequential art pieces address the responses of their creators to the events of September 11, 2001, in a collection conceived as a fund-raiser for the American Red Cross. Harvey Pekar, Jeff Smith, Jessica Abel, Ted Rall, Peter Kuper, and Will Eisner are among the dozens of creative artists who share their feelings, thoughts, and activities in the wake of the destruction of the World Trade Center and the other airline attacks on that day. While some, including Sam Hester, Josh Neufield, and James Kochalka, provide simple and explicit reports of having an ordinary day in the life of a working artist turn into an extraordinary confrontation with politics, bloodshed, and emotional upheaval, others offer complex tales and scenarios fraught with psychological peril or personal responsibility. Brian Clopper spent the day teaching elementary school students whom he had been told not to inform of national and world events, while Jenny Gonzalez, newly released from a psychiatric hospital, had to contend with her own breakdown and dental surgery. Most of the pieces here provide reportorial accounts, but a few offer brilliant metaphor instead. With so many viewpoints, the surprise is that the collection as a whole is even in quality and absorbing from beginning to end or as an anthology to be consumed in any order. This is important for school and public library collections, as well as for book discussions and auxiliary reading in social science curricula.
Francisca Goldsmith, Berkeley Public Library, CA
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
James Cramer, Founder,
A brilliant use of the medium.

Ken Kurson, Money Magazine
...The black-and-white morality of comics makes the ideal canvas.

James Poniewozik - Time
It is fair to say that this tragedy--and probably more important, the ensuing conflict--will change the culture.

Carol Sanders - Winnipeg Free Press
They tell real stories and they tell important stories.

Mike Vogel - New York Metropolis
The comics community is rallying together to tell their stories and help the victims of the tragedy.

From the Publisher
Jeff Mason is the Publisher of Alternative Comics, a company billed as `publishers of cool comic books.` Alternative Comics releases some of the most original and intelligent titles being created today including work from Graham Annable, Nick Bertozzi, Ed Brubaker, Tom Hart, Dean Haspiel, Sam Henderson, James Kochalka, Dave Lasky, Jon Lewis, Josh Neufeld, Jen Sorensen, and Steve Weissman. Alternative Comics` flagship title INDY MAGAZINE started its critically acclaimed publication in 1993, went exclusively to the web ( starting in 1999 and has been THE independent comic guide ever since. Indy Magazine covers independent, alternative, and self-published comic books, featuring news, interviews, reviews, convention reports, and articles about the incredibly diverse world of independent comics. When Jeff is not working on Alternative Comics` latest release, he is working diligently to protect everyone's rights as a criminal defense lawyer in Florida.

About (some of) the Authors
Josh Neufeld has been drawing comics since he was four years old. With his friend of almost 20 years, Dean Haspiel, Josh co-created Keyhole, where Josh does stories about his travel experiences in Southeast Asia and Central Europe. Keyhole has run for six issues with two different publishers. Josh has contributed artwork to Harvey Pekar's American Splendor (Dark Horse), the SPX anthologies, The Big Book of Urban Legends (DC/Paradox Press), and Duplex Planet Illustrated (Fantagraphics), among others. He resides in Brooklyn and makes a living mixing freelance illustration with web design.

Dimensions (in inches): 0.60 x 10.18 x 6.68
Ho Che Anderson
by Ho Che Anderson
Paperback: 80 pages
Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 1560971126
Comics artist Anderson has produced a grand, interpretive biography of Martin Luther King Jr. that seeks to probe the man, his accomplishments and America's racial dilemma. Powerfully cinematic, the work opens with a series of anonymous characters, the attestors, speaking of their personal attraction to, or disdain for, King. Then a short sequence focuses on four urban black communities,  presenting a contemporary sampling of racial conflict and violence, before introducing King's childhood in Atlanta, Ga., in 1934. From there he plunges into King's life with a passion: graduate studies in liberal Boston; meeting Coretta; his collaboration with Ralph Abernathy; Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott; and the ever present physical danger. This first of a projected three-volume series ends with King's stabbing at a boycott in 1960. Anderson has produced a vividly complex portrait of a legendary American figure, detailing King's flaws--his woman-chasing and domineering personality--as well as his courage and moral vision. The stark black-and-white illustrations erupt from the page, perfectly capturing the visual force of a violent and heroic period in American history.
Copyright 1993 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
A compelling look at a very great, but very human, man.
This book is a revealing documentary about one of the greatest men in American history, Martin Luther King, Jr. It essentially reveals that this man who is now seen as the Twentieth Century's equivalent of Abraham Lincoln was also a man of foibles and some weaknesses, and how much of his crusade still has to be won. And yet, the book does not take away the essential nobility of his fight, even though it was shown to be tougher than we remember. In fact, this book, by showing how King had flaws, emphasizes that we have ability to take up his cause and not be intimidated by the lionized image of this very great, but very human, man.
Click to order JACK THE RIPPER
by Rick Geary
Hardcover: 64 pages
NBM Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1561631248
Geary's graphic novel tells of the mystery and investigation of a Victorian murderer, using black and white illustrations and tasteful displays to recount the Ripper modus operandi and legend. Geary's story will satisfy fans of the graphic novel format who appreciate seeing detective work illustrated.
From Publisher's Weekly:
Rendering the belching chimneys, puzzled bobbies and bewhiskered worthies of Victorian London in brooding b&w panels, Geary revisits the legend of Jack the Ripper in this stylish graphical novel. On the one hand, this is a 19th-century police procedural: in examining the brutal murders of five prostitutes in London's Whitechapel district in 1888, Geary recreates the scene of each gruesomely surgical murder, annotating the evidence, the forensic procedures of the time (some theories held that an image of the murderer remained affixed to the victim's retina) and the eerily conflicting testimony of witnesses. On the other hand, it's a deadpan pulp narrative in the form of a trade comic book in which Geary's haunting drawings unite seamlessly with his moody, well-researched text. As the atrocities mount, the story tracks the public hysteria surrounding the murders, including journalistic excess and rising anti-Semitism. Geary doesn't try to identify ``Saucy Jacky.'' Instead, he taps the legend's powerful mystery and, in the process, the period's social strictures and hypocrisies.
by Rick Geary
Paperback: 64 pages
NBM Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1561631892
Rick Geary received quite a bit of critical praise for his Jack the Ripper volume of A Treasury of Victorian Murder, and rightfully so. The Borden Tragedy (the third volume in the series), is no less impressive. Based on the famous 19th-century Lizzie Borden double murder, this comic-book version of the event is supposedly excerpted and adapted from the unpublished writings of an unknown woman from the Borden's hometown of Fall River. The narrator, a friend of Lizzie Borden, is intent on finding out all of the facts behind such a grizzly butchering. We are taken through meticulously researched evidence, all stunningly illustrated by Geary, but Geary leaves us without taking a strong stand one way or the other. As an extra treat, the back cover includes a list of comparisons between Lizzie Borden and O. J. Simpson. 
From School Library Journal:
[This book is] adapted from an authenticated but currently anonymous memoir written by someone who was at Fall River at the time of the Borden murders. The dramatic and mystery-shrouded story of Mr. and Mrs. Borden's deaths by hatchet during a time frame that would seem to indicate 30-year-old Lizzie as the only possible murderer and of the contradictory physical evidence that would seem to exonerate that same suspect is presented frame by frame, with very few balloons attributing specific words to any of those involved. The drawing style suits the subject neatly, extending the Victorian setting into mood as well: Lizbeth Borden is depicted as pudgy and sour-faced, the Bordens' maid looks as pinched and sickened as she had reason to feel, Fall River's citizenry scowl up from the pages as clearly defined individuals. Geary brings to this work years of experience creating fictional and documentary comics for books and periodicals, including the National Lampoon. While the parallel between Lizzie Borden and O.J. Simpson, drawn on the back cover of the book, seems simplistic, it may serve as an appropriate hook for readers unaccustomed to contemplating events outside their own worlds. Because Geary has fit so many details of the case's facts and ambiguities into just over 50 heavily illustrated pages, this should be an instant hit in high interest/low reading collections.
--Francisca Goldsmith, Berkeley Public Library, CA
Click here to order THE FATAL BULLET
by Rick Geary
Paperback: 80 pages
NBM Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1561632287
"First rate. Superb as always."
--Publishers Weekly
"Subtly expressive low-key wit. First-rate historical graphic novel."
Geary explores the first assassination of one of our presidents in the hands of an obsessive-compulsive stalker, a deluded loser who thought his action would bring him national glory. In this typically carefully researched and constructed story, Geary parallels the lives of the President and the killer. They have striking similarities. The fascinating element is how one went so wrong while the other rose to so high a post even despite himself. Once again, beyond a mere presentation of facts, the author surreptitiously unpeels for us a bit of our national psyche.
From Publishers Weekly
In this first-rate nonfiction comics work, Geary examines the assassination of our 20th president, James Garfield, murdered barely six months into his presidency by Charles Guiteau, a failed lawyer and demented evangelist. Although the two men never knew one another, Geary focuses on the peculiar similarities in their backgrounds. Both hailed from the Midwest (Garfield from Ohio and Guiteau from Illinois) and were devoutly religious, studied law and gravitated toward politics. But the two couldn't have been more different. Garfield was honest, a brilliant student, a decorated Civil War hero destined for distinction. Guiteau was a misfit even as a child and ended up a deadbeat and a religious fanatic, convinced that he was chosen by God for greatness. Geary's well-researched account also documents how easy it was to gain access to, and the vulnerability of, American presidents in the 19th century. Guiteau secretly stalked the newly elected Garfield (who was given to strolling unguarded around D.C. at any hour) and shot him from behind as he was about to board a train. Geary also takes note of the woeful state of medical treatment at the time. Shot in early July, Garfield finally died in September after suffering through inept and painful attempts by his doctors to remove the bullet. Guiteau was tried and hanged for the murder shortly afterward. Geary's black and white drawings are superb as always in this work, a fitting follow-up to his equally fine The Borden Tragedy.
Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
Written by James S. Ottaviani
Art by Marie Severinson, Ramona Fradon,
Lea Hernandez, Linda Medley, Donna Barr,
Mary Fleener, Anne Timmons, Stephanie Gladden,
& Carla "Speed" McNeil, et al
Paperback: 144 pages
G.T. Labs
ISBN: 0966010612
Dignifying Science is the newest book from G.T. Labs that tells true stories about scientists in comics form. This 144 page trade paperback features famous women scientists including Marie Curie, Emmy Noether, Lise Meitner, Rosalind Franklin, Barbara McClintock, Birute Galdikas, and (believe it or not) Hedy Lamarr. 
Scientists and non-scientists alike will appreciate the human context this award-winning anthology gives to some of the most famous names in the history of discovery. With stories written by Jim Ottaviani and art by notable illustrators such as Donna Barr, Mary Fleener, Stephanie Gladden, Roberta Gregory, Lea Hernandez, Carla Speed McNeil, Linda Medley, Jen Sorensen, Anne Timmons and comics legends Ramona Fradon and Marie Severin, this handsome trade paperback, complete with a full-color dust jacket, will please readers of all ages. Notes and references at the end lead them to discover even more on their own!

An Eisner nominee (like its companion volume Two-Fisted Science) and Lulu of the Year nominee for 1999, Dignifying Science has earned praise from the toughest critics of all: the scientists themselves. Discover Magazine (February, 2000) says "In Ottaviani's hands, cartooning becomes exciting education. It's a tribute to Ottaviani's breezy style that one wants to dig into [the] references and learn a little nuclear physics. Now that is a superheroic achievement." Simon Singh, award-winning author of The Code Book and Fermat's Enigma writes: "When it comes to popularising science, Jim Ottaviani's comic books do an excellent job of telling scientific stories in a fun and absorbing way. His latest, Dignifying Science, is a beautifully drawn series of stories about women who made major contributions to science and technology, but who have been largely forgotten..." (The Independent - London, 12 December 1999).

Jean Kumagai, Physics Today
I felt a little self-conscious paging through a comic book while waiting at the bar of an upscale Manhattan restaurant. My taste in books usually runs toward the ones without pictures. But Dignifying Science quickly won me over.

Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit
A fine work and contribution to the body of good and mature comics...bravo.

Retailer Reviews, The Comics Buyer's Guide
Entertaining and inspirational...a home schooler's dream. If you know any girls with the slightest aptitude in math or sciences, can change their lives by buying them this.

About the Author
Jim Ottaviani is a nuclear engineer now working as a librarian at the University of Michigan. He has been writing in and about comics for almost 10 years, and his stories have earned him a Xeric Grant and Eisner Award nominations.

James S. Ottaviani
by Jim Ottaviani, Steve Lieber, Vince Locke, and more!
b/w, painted cover
Paperback: 240 pages
G.T. Labs
ISBN: 0966010639
So, you've always wanted to learn how to build an atomic bomb? You're in luck: Jim Ottaviani is not only a comics writer...he also has a master's degree in nuclear engineering!
But even though it's not a complete do-it-yourself manual (assembly required, and plutonium is definitely NOT included), Fallout will bring you up to speed on the science and politics of the first nuclear gadgets.
Like its companion volumes, the focus of Fallout is on the scientists themselves -- in particular J. Robert Oppenheimer and Leo Szilard, whose lives offer a cautionary tale about the uneasy alliance between the military, the government, and the beginnings of "big science."

Fallout features art by award winning artists such as Steve Lieber (Whiteout, Batman), Vince Locke (Deadworld, Sandman), Bernie Mireault (Mackenzie Queen, The Jam, Grendel Tales), Eddy Newell (Black Lightning, Batman), Jeff Parker (Interman, "Solitaire, Wonder Woman") with Janine Johnston and a painted cover by noted Studio artist Jeffrey Jones.

James S. Ottaviani
Click HERE to order the TWO-FISTED SCIENCE trade paperback TWO-FISTED SCIENCE
by Jim Ottaviani, Paul Chadwick, Colleen Doran, & Guy Davis, et al
Paperback: 128 pages
G.T. Labs
ISBN: 0966010620
TWO-FISTED SCIENCE is the first in a series of books in comics form telling true stories about scientists. This 128 page trade paperback features tales of famous physicists including Hans Bethe, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Galileo, Werner Heisenberg, Gottfried Leibniz, Isaac Newton, Robert Oppenheimer, and Wolfgang Pauli.
All stories are written by Jim Ottaviani, a former researcher and nuclear engineer-- now a reference librarian at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The illustrators include award winning artists such as Paul Chadwick, Donna Barr, Bernie Mireault, and Colleen Doran.

The stories offer a human context often missing when students learn the equations that bear the scientists' names. Readers, drawn to the book by the compelling anecdotes, will discover intriguing characters that lived real lives beyond ink on paper. End notes and references will lead them to further information on the scientists they've read about.
The trade paperback is self-published with the generous assistance of a grant from the Xeric foundation. Established by Peter Laird (one of the creators of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles") each year the foundation awards a select group of comics creators money to bring their work to press. I am grateful to the foundation for their support and confident that you will consider this portion of the "Turtle" fortune well-spent!

Penn Jillette, the taller, more talkative half of Penn & Teller:
"I loved seeing real superheroes in the same medium as the fantasy superheroes. Man, these guys don't pale standing next to Batman and Superman."

Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit:
"This is exactly the kind of stuff that should be done in our medium."

FACTSHEET 5 #63, March 1998:
"[W]onderfully offbeat and human. This collection illustrates some of science history's more offbeat sides: the blood feuds, the mischief, the love affairs, and the secret espionage."

Seattle's THE STRANGER, 11/20/97:
"The writing is informed and educational, but never dry. This would be a great textbook for a high school science class."

Comics Buyers Guide, 1/2/98:
"[T]his stunning collection of stories and anecdotes about science and scientists will engross and enlighten the reader ... a bargain and so damned good I can hardly believe it exists."

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