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Click HERE to order LOST GIRL
by Nabiel Kanan
Paperback: 96 pages
NBM Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1561632295
Nabiel Kanan is a British cartoonist known for his stories of teenage alienation from society.  He treads familiar ground in this black-and-white graphic novel about timid Beth, who, on vacation with her family, encounters a somewhat older but far more experienced girl, apparently a vagrant, who is chillingly fearless about sex and drugs. Fascinated by her worldliness, Beth tries to become closer to her, but she remains elusive. Meanwhile, Beth's family is following news reports about a local girl's disappearance, and Beth fears her new acquaintance might be involved somehow.
By the vacation's end, the reader is uncertain whether the nameless free spirit actually exists, and that uncertainty is compounded by her resemblance to Beth. Kanan's sketchy, wispy drawing style differs from the illustrative approach taken by most European artists in NBM's ComicsLit series, but it effectively conveys the vagueness of Beth's life and the ambiguity surrounding her mysterious friend. Kanan's teens lack the sophistication and articulateness of their age-mates in American Daniel Clowes' Ghost World (1997), but his understated take on adolescent disaffection seems as valid as Clowes', if less entertaining.
From Kirkus Reviews 
The British author of the graphic novel Exit follows up with another narrative relying on his simple-line style, which perfectly suits the lanky English girls who are at the center of this deceptively realist tale. On vacation with her parents at a seaside caravan park, 15-year-old Beth, innocent-looking and wide-eyed, studies the more sophisticated girls who strut before the lustful boys. Annoyed by her intense and critical mother, and her younger sister, Beth wanders off and witnesses a vixenish girl seduce a stranger in an alleyway, and then steal his car while he's naked and spent. Later at the beach with the pot-smoking daughter of her parents' friends, the skimpily clad Beth again spots the mystery seductress, and follows her into the woods. After ditching the smart-talking friend, Beth and the stranger eventually meet: Beth smokes her first dope and accompanies the young sexpot on a wild horse ride--a moment of unprecedented freedom for the overprotected Beth. Just when you think that the Beth and the stranger look too much alike that Kanan seems to lack a flexible style you realize that the visual similarities are the point: Was the other girl a dream? A vision of Beth herself in the future? The recurring background search for a local missing girl further enhances a surprisingly complex mystery--a narrative often advanced by Kanan's smart and wordless cinematic frames.
Copyright ©  Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.
Ben Katchor
The Jew of New York
by Ben Katchor
Paperback: 97 pages
Pantheon Books
ISBN: 0375700978
From the creator of "Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer" comes a graphic novel of amazing originality, "the fevered dream of an amateur historian in which the 'real' lives of New York Jews . . . are fleshed out and given the breath of poetic truth" (The New Yorker).
The New York Times Book Review, J. Hoberman:
"The Jew of New York is not only something to read but to ponder--an object nearly as strange and striking as the story it contains."
The Boston Globe, Clea Simon
"...a marvelously satisfying denouement, its subtle satire bringing about some amusingly moral endings. And if the day looks too bright, too modern, after the book is done, Katchor's work is rich enough to invite a second and a third read."

Whether chronicling the metropolitan peregrinations of Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer, or weaving together history and fantasy in 19th- century New York, Ben Katchor's comics, filled with scratchy figures moving through gray-washed streets, feel like the relics of a half- forgotten dream. The Jew of New York takes an obscure historical footnote--an attempt in 1825 to establish a Jewish homeland in upstate New York--and spins it into an intricate tale of a rapidly developing city and its diverse inhabitants, from one-legged actresses, to wandering Jews, to masked anti-Semites. The plot wanders from place to place, never predictable, but always fascinating. The result is a like a story by Paul Auster, rewritten by Charles Dickens, as Katchor gradually draws the reader into his bizarre but precisely imagined world. Weird conspiracies, religious fanaticism, and a plan to carbonate Lake Erie are just three of the threads which Katchor weaves together, creating a version of 1830's New York that captures the spirit of the times in a way that history cannot. The reader is never quite sure what is true, yet this powerfully imagined work is irresistibly compelling. Katchor's disturbing, deeply layered historical palimpsest transforms his collection of misfit characters and the city that they inhabit into something rich and strange.

by Chris Knowles
Full Color
Paperback: 96 pages
Sirius Books
ISBN: 1579890059
A guardian angel tries to protect a young girl and loses his divinity in the process.
The dramatic modern gothic tale, presented the way it was meant to be read! Thomas is a guardian angel watching over the tumultuous life of Robin, a vulnerable young girl who grows up in the morally bankrupt surroundings of middle-class suburbia. Robin runs away to the dangerous streets of Manhattan in the early 80s--as Thomas battles the laws of angelic guardianship in an effort to save her from certain death. A story that blends intense drama, tender romance, nostaligc fads and astonishing violence, HALO is a full color comic novel that truly brings the medium to life. 
About the Author
Chris Knowles is a freelance artist and writer based in New Jersey, where he lives with his wife and two children. HALO, AN ANGEL'S STORY is his first work in comics.
Click HERE to order Quit Your Job by James Kochalka QUIT YOUR JOB
by James Kochalka
Paperback: 96 pages
Alternative Comics
ISBN: 1891867008
On his way to work at the Chinese restaurant, Magic Boy discovers an enchanted ring and determines to make an expedition to the North Pole. He only gets as far as the coffee shop on the next block, but his world is forever changed in the short journey. Special cover design by Michel Vrana.
Jeff Smith (creator of Bone, published by Cartoon Books) provides the introduction to one of the finest graphic novels of the year. Ignatz Award winner James Kochalka has been called "one of the brightest lights of independent comics" and Quit Your Job is a shining example of his genius.

About the Author
James Kochalka's distinction as a "rock star" has been tempered more and more lately by his acclaim as a cartoonist. Critics and fans have responded like crazy to the Ignatz Award winner's ubiquitous and instantly recognizable one-pagers in comics and magazines across the U.S., to his many wonderful comic books, and to his beautiful graphic novels.

by James Kochalka
Paperback: 208 pages
Top Shelf Productions
ISBN: 1891830082
By James Kochalka

(A goofy, bucktoothed Elf has deeply introspective adventures in a winter wonderland)
Miss this at your own peril, as we think you'll agree that James is a superstar on the rise.

"Primitive, childlike and profane."
--The Village Voice
"Peculiar comic genius."
--Pulse Magazine
"Kochalka isn't quite in the class of Nabokov or Joyce (not yet, at least), but he's working towards something as deep and playful."
--The Burlington Free Press
This graphic novel showcases the Ignatz Award winning story, "The Perfect Planet," as well two brand new stories, Nonironic Futuropolis," and "Frog & Fly." "The Perfect Planet" is a whimsical tale that explores the mysteries of life with all the love and wonder the human soul can muster. "Nonironic Futuropolis" will make you feel as magical as the first snowfall of winter. And "Frog & Fly" is the quest for the Evil Toad Messiah. Together, this trilogy makes textbook reading for the serious Kochalka reader.
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