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by Joe Zabel, w/ Gary Dumm
b&w: 64 pages
Amazing Montage
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BULLET PROOF, originally issued under the Known Associates imprint, is the first and most critically-cclaimed book thus far from the masters of the graphic mystery at Amazing Montage.
A hoax by disgruntled security guards leads to disaster in this short, but compelling graphic novel.
Story by Joltin' Joe Zabel, art by Zabel and Groovy Gary Dumm.
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Murder By Crowquill
Wolf Run
The Green Skull
The Trespassers
Brian Michael Bendis
by Brian Michael Bendis
Paperback: 272 pages
Image Comics
ISBN: 1582401950
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Goldfish is the story of an enigmatic grifter with a heart of gold, who returns to his old haunts to find his old flame, Lauren, practically running the city's underbelly, and his oldest friend and ex-partner in crime, Izzy, now a police detective. But David Goldfish has come back for one reason, and one reason only--for his son. This beautiful volume features a brand new GOLDFISH prose story written especially for this collection. A complete crime fiction novel in a film noir art style. Fans of Raymond Chandler books, Humphry Bogart films, and crime drama will be delighted.
From the Publisher
Brian Michael Bendis is the EISNER award-winning creator (The Comic Industry's Oscar) of several crime graphic novels published by Image Comics. His other Image works include TORSO, GOLDFISH, JINX, and FIRE. Fortune And Glory, his Hollywood tell all from Oni Press, was given an "A" by Entertainment Weekly. He is also the recipient of the Cleveland Press Excellence in Journalism Award.
Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 10.17 x 6.65
Brian Michael Bendis
The Definitive Collection
by Brian Michael Bendis
Paperback: 480 pages
Image Comics
ISBN: 1582401799
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Hot writer Brian Michael Bendis pens this graphic crime novel about a bounty hunter, two grifters, and a treasure hunt that propels this character driven crime comic book classic. This extra large edition carries with it the entire epic story, behind the scenes/making of, script excerpts, and an art gallery to complement this daunting work of comic crime fiction.
All sales benefit The Comic-Book Legal Defense Fund
by Truman, Lansdale, Conley, Zabel, & more
180-page trade paperback
b&w w/ color covers
Amazing Montage Press
Order DIRECT from Amazing Montage
MURDER BY CROWQUILL is the largest comics anthology ever devoted to the mystery genre. A diverse assortment of cartoonists have been invited to contribute, and each tackles the assignment with their own unique approach! Classic  whodunnits, bizaare paradoxes, hilarious pastiches, and compelling crime dramas-- MURDER BY CROWQUILL has it all!
Contributors include Tim Truman and Joe R. Lansdale (JONAH HEX), Batton Lash (WOLFF AND BYRD, COUNSELORS OF THE MACABRE), Mack White (VILLA OF THE MYSTERIES), Alex Robinson (BOX OFFICE POISON), Jenni Gregory (DREAMWALKER), David Yurkovich (THRESHHOLD), Colin Upton (BUDDHA ON THE ROAD) and Steve Conley (ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS).

Other are Ben Adams and John F. Polacek (PRISONOPOLIS), Joe Chiappetta (SILLY DADDY), Tony Consiglio (DOUBLE CROSS), Charles Dougherty, Robert Humble and Mort Castle (THREADS), Gary Dumm (AMERICAN SPLENDOR), Scott Gilbert (TRUE ARTIST TALES), Michael Neno (THIS ETERNAL FLAW), Josh Neufeld (KEYHOLE), Jesse Reklaw (CONCAVE UP), and Joe Zabel (THE TRESPASSERS).

Cover by Stephen Blue (Image's THE AWAKENING); introduction by Don McGregor (DETECTIVES INC.); book design by Steve Conley; edited by Joe Zabel.

Road to Perdition
by Max Allan Collins & Richard Piers Rayner
Paperback: 304 pages
Pocket Books
ISBN: 0743442245
Depression-era Chicago: a city riding a tide of liquor and blood, ruled by guns, graft, and gangsters. At the top of the heap is Al Capone... and Capone's most feared hitman is Michael O'Sullivan, known to friends and enemies alike as the "Angel of Death". But when Sullivan's eight-year-old son witnesses a gangland execution, father and son find themselves facing off against the most merciless gangster of all time.
Writer Max Allan Collins is a two-time winner of the Private Eye Writers of America's Shamus Award for his Nathan Heller historical thrillers "True Detective" and "Stolen Away". Award-winning artist Richard Piers Rayner spent four years working on the artwork for "Road to Perdition", a labor of love that has resulted in some of the most stunningly realistic drawings of 1930s Chicago ever seen on the printed page.
by Mark Wheatley, Allan Gross, Gary Henry, Al Williamson, Frank Cho, Marc Hempel, Mike Oeming, Steve Conley, & Damon Willis
Paperback: 192 pages
Insight Studios
ISBN: 1889317039
Not since the glory days of the pulps has there been a book like TITANIC TALES! Hard-hitting, gut-wrenching, pants-wetting fiction is waiting for you in this throw-back to those exciting days when men were men, women were women and pulps were pulps! And TITANIC TALES couldn't have picked a better time to arrive. Just when nearly all the life has been sucked out of entertainment, leaving a grey, politically correct dullness, TITANIC TALES serves up a heaping helping of the stuff that straightens the spine with horror, excitement, and the inspiring actions of heroic men and women. TITANIC TALES isn't afraid to call it as it sees it, shoot straight and throw an upper-cut to the intellect.
The past year has seen the release of such important pulp art retrospectives as Pulp Culture and Infinite Worlds. At the same time, a circle of smaller publishers have made it their mission to reprint pulp tales, reacquainting the reading public with everything from Hugh B. Cave's weird fiction to the multi-volume "Purple Invasion" epic from the obscure hero magazine, Operator #5. The newest volume from the Insight Studios Group takes this nostalgia to a new level, offering up a brand new pulp with fiction promised "to rot your brain". Titanic Tales offers a wide range of stories, all of which ring with the lurid cackling and overwrought gasps found in the original hero and terror mags. The interior art is sharp, the layout and design attractively retro. The book's centerpiece is a new Spider story, "Burning Lead for the Walking Dead," which is not prose, but a nicely noir-ish illustrated tale by Mark Wheatley. Regular readers of indie comics will also welcome the stories featuring such established characters as the Reality Knight and Doc Cyborg. The interview article with legendary artist Al Williamson could have been longer, and the book as a whole should have been proofed more carefully, but readers hungry for new pulp thrills will not be disappointed with Titanic Tales.
--James Lowder, Sci-Fi Universe
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