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by Mark James Estren
Ronin Publishing
ISBN: 091417164X
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Perched halfway between college humor magazines and National Lampoon, underground comics are an overlooked component of the history of humor in this country. At their best, they're also fun as hell to read--protopunk satire, so crazy, crass, and scatological that the stories nearly drip off the page.
Mark James Estren's History of Underground Comics is an excellent survey of the art in the days before Crumb was a movie star and well-mannered alternative weeklies brought Matt Groening and Lynda Barry into every suburb. If you're a fan of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Trashman, Bobby London's Duck and Weevil--and you know if you are--buy this book. Even if you're from the Love and Rockets generation, take advantage of this primo guided tour.
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The EC Companion
by Grant Geissman & Fred Von Bernewitz
Paperback: 288 pages
Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 1560974028
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John Landis, film director:
"A wonderful book! An EC lover's dream come true."
From Booklist:
Nearly 50 years after they were crushed by moral guardians outraged by their Grand Guignol excesses, the genre comic books published by EC Comics still enthrall readers who grew up with them and generations of younger fans, too. EC's horror, science fiction, and war comics remain unsurpassed, and the early EC issues of Mad vitally influenced a generation of humorists and cartoonists. EC's output has been the subject of many lavish publications, including slipcased, oversize reprints of the runs of several titles and massive coffee-table tributes, but this book by two longtime fans is something else again. Its heart is a checklist, with detailed writer and artist credits, of every single EC comic book. This core is rounded out with interviews of comics creators, photos, private sketches, and other memorabilia, such as EC publisher William Gaines' testimony before the U.S. Senate subcommittee investigating horror comics. Most of the previous books about EC were designed for a relatively mainstream audience. This one aims at the hardcore fan-addicts--and should hit that target dead center.
Gordon Flagg
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.

Dimensions (in inches): 0.73 x 12.02 x 9.12
Nat Gertler
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Comic Book Scripts
by Top Writers
Edited by Nat Gertler
Featuring scripts by Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, Kurt Busiek, Jeff Smith, Greg Rucka, Nat Gertler, Dwayne McDuffie, Trina Robbins, & Marv Wolfman,
with art by Steve Lieber
Paperback: 200 pages
About Comics
ISBN: 0971633800
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Steven Grant's Permanent Damage column, April 3rd, 2002
There aren't many books that pass for "invaluable references" in our field, but this qualifies.

Comics Buyer's Guide issue 1483
It's an attractive package put together by comics writer Nat Gertler, and it's welcome, indeed.
For future writers, future artists, and those who just want to see how it's done, here's a collection of comic book scripts from some of comicdom's top talents. See how Neil Gaiman writes a superhero story, how Marv Wolfman provides a plot for his artist to work from, and how Jeff Smith draws a script for Rose.

Also included are a Jay & Silent Bob script by filmmaker Kevin Smith, a Whiteout script by novelist Greg Rucka, GoGirl! by Trina Robbins, Deathlok by Milestone co-founder Dwayne McDuffie, and Kurt Busiek's Astro City by Astro City's Kurt Busiek. Plus, a short script by Eisner nominee Nat Gertler, with the finished story drawn by Detective Comics's Steve Lieber –available in America for the first time!

About the Authors
Kurt Busiek was working in comics for many years before rocketing to the top of the field by writing Marvels. His original series Astro City has been a lightning-rod for awards.

Neil Gaiman is the New York Times best-selling author of American Gods and Sandman.

Nat Gertler, contributor to and editor of Panel One has written for dozens of publishers. He was nominated for an Eisner award due to his self-published alternative superhero miniseries The Factor.

Dwayne McDuffie co-founded Milestone Media, the most successful black-owned comic book company ever. He co-created Static and writes for the TV adaptation of that series, Static Shock.

Trina Robbins is one of comics leading historians, and her book The Great Women Cartoonists was on the top 10 list for the year 2001 at Time magazine's website.

Greg Rucka was already a respected novelist when he turned to comics, where he quickly garnered awards for his antarctic thriller Whiteout.

Jeff Smith is the cartoonist behind the popular fantasy series Bone. His work on Rose is a rare example of him writing comics for another artist to draw.

Kevin Smith set the independent film world ablaze with his black-and-white film Clerks. He is the writer, director, and star of such popular films as Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back!. He has brought his own characters to comics, as well as bringing the second-string superheroes Daredevil and Green Arrow up to superstar status.

Marv Wolfman wrote Crisis on Infinite Earths, voted the second best comics story of the 20th century. His long run on Tomb of Dracula included the introduction of the character "Blade", the basis for a series of films.

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Everything a Comic Book Artist Needs to Make It in the Business
by Lurene Haines
Paperback: 192 pages
Watson-Guptill Publications
ISBN: 082300547X
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A practical guide to establishing a successful career in the comic book business, this informative book contains guidelines for successful interviews, promoting oneself at comics conventions, and marketing through the mail.
40 illustrations.
From the author, Lurene Haines
A fully updated, comprehensive guide to the comics business!
This book is a broad guide to the specific business practices and techniques used by comic professionals. Each chapter deals with a unique aspect of getting into comics and conducting yourself as a professional. Includes over 40 interviews with established professionals, submissions guidelines, forms, company contacts, legal practices, and much more. Originally nominated for an Eisner Award. 

From the Editor, Margaret Sobel
The Business of Comics by renowned comic professional, Lurene Haines, is devoted to the specific business practices of comic professionals. This informative guide was written to help comic artists get their stuff published and find work in the industry. It includes interviews with over 40 comic professionals as well as samples of their artwork. These interviews, as well as pithy quotes peppered throughout the book, provide first-hand advice about how to make it in the comic industry. There are extensive appendixes with lists of comic conventions, art schools, publishers and distributors as well as sample contracts, submissions guidelines, and a guide to self publishing.

Everything a Comic Book Writer Needs to Make It in the Business
by Lurene Haines
Paperback: 160 pages
Watson-Guptill Publications
ISBN: 0823058778
Order NOW from
Loaded with solid information and instructive interviews, this tell-all insider's guide takes readers through every possible step on the career road to comic book writing.
40 illustrations.
This is the only book of its kind, devoted to how to get started and make it in the comics industry as a writer. Loaded with solid information, this practical guide was written to help comics writers get their stuff published and find work in the field. The business practices and techniques used by successful comics writers are included in over 30 interviews with comics professionals, illustrated by examples of their work. Sprinkled throughout the book, there are also informative and often amusing quotes from professionals. Both of these unique features add a friendly human face to the seemingly impenetrable world of comics publishing.
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